Saturday, August 4, 2012

Challenges, Challenges...

I have a tendency of picking a-difficult-to-style clothing and then trying to create a wearable outfit. This time it was metallic/silver leggings that were quite challenging because nothing in my wardrobe would work with them. They are sort of futuristic and a bit too edgy. They would look fabulous with faded pink or peach colors based on these pictures I saved from the web a long time ago. I forgot to write down the designer because I wasn't planning to post them on the web. Sorry about that!

So, I went hunting on and saw this high-low shirt with a gray owl on it, and thought "it was it!". It is not pink but it seems to work still. Anyway, here is the final outfit...

I rolled up the leggings to make them look like pants! They are pretty long because you are supposed to bunch them up (plus, my legs are on the shorter side).
They are available here, and they are on sale right now for only $16!

Shirt by American Retro: (think it's sold out)
Pumps by Michael Antonio:
Bag: thrifted

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