Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fridge and Labs

We have gone through dozens of locks in 1.5 years until Z finally came up with a solution that WORKED.
The problem was that Quincy dog figured how to open fridges, and then freezers. He once even chewed through the seal around the fridge trying to get inside. He is truly a destruction monster. Needless to say, he and Quill, his humble assistant, managed to eat a lot of food... Quincy would get in a pot of food or a cake while Quill would enjoy cheddar cheese and cream cheese (together with foil). Every time we decide to go out with Z, we'd find a huge mess upon returning. We'd get so frustrated that barely thought of taking pictures. After we got our final fridge lock that WORKS, I decided to take before and after pictures but they weren't as impressive as they would have been with regular child-proof locks.

Here is this lock that WORKS... The 1000 lbs logistic strap.

Well, we weren't sure if the strap would work well knowing Quincy, and left all our previous locking systems - the child-proof lock and three velcros (there is one in the bottom, too). And yes, what you also see is a remainder of the previous child-proof lock that was effortlessly broken off by Quincy a couple of weeks earlier.

And here is what we found after we got back in a couple of hours...

All the velcros and the child-proof lock were snapped off.

Hallelujah! The food was still in the fridge and not in someone's tummy or on the floor in a digested form.

But that's not the end of the fridge adventures. They still continue. As we aren't able to keep the fridge strapped all the time, Quincy still tries to sneak in there every now and then (which is several times a day). He opens the fridge with his nose, by pushing it between the door and the fridge. So we needed to find a way to make it impossible for him. And the brilliant Z came up with another solution...

This system still needs to be improved but it works.

Here is an advice for you, folks. Think twice, or even three times, before you get a labrador. Or you may end up dealing with a way too smart pet that is awfully cute, too. :)

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