Wednesday, June 18, 2014

First Strawberry

Right after we moved to our house, my mother-in-law brought us 3 pots of strawberry plants. We were in the middle of ripping out the 1970s carpet to refinish the hardwood floors and unpacking, and gardening was the least thing I wanted to do. Being forced to was probably a good thing because I'd never think of planting strawberries in the backyard that hasn't been touched for 30 years (apart from mowing).
This spring, I found clusters of strawberries hiding under big leaves. Apparently, strawberries are low maintenance because all I did was stick the plants in the ground. A couple of days ago, we harvested our first strawberry, followed by two more in the next two days. A strawberry a day! What a treat to pick your own berries...

I love tomatoes more than strawberries, so I started 3 varieties from seeds in February. I babied them and now they turned into huge bushy plants. There are 3 tomatoes already and I keep checking them every morning. More on that in the next posts.

What would have thought I'd be posting about gardening. Owning a house changes your priorities and interests. Yup, there will posts on house renovations and we are not going to have any lack of them in the next 10 years.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Shoes. Nude Shoes.

Well, as the title intends, this is a chaotic blog, so there. Life has been busy. Lots of things changed since my last post. We purchased a 1928 house that needs a lot of work, and that has been quite distracting. I switched from fashion to house renovating/decorating and it is as challenging as picking a new outfit.

I have no lack of nude/white/beige shoes, and yet I still reach for them when shopping for new shoes. I can't help it. I have a black shoe aversion and have troubles wearing them. No problem with wearing nude shoes all year around, but summer is the best time for them.

You can see 6 pairs here but that's not all of them. I have a few more... Not enough, though.

Sometimes, I just enjoy looking at my shoes (and photographing them)...
The shoes above are Seychelles that I snapped at a ridiculous price at the local DSW. They are super cute with their vintage pattern fabric and orange heels.

And these are flats from Urban Outfitters that are very comfortable and make your legs look looong. I was very tempted to get another pair but got greedy. I'm thinking of trying them with a ribbon around ankles.