Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RIP, Quincy-Pup

I have lost interest in almost everything since we lost Quincy on July 16. Life seems to be slowly getting back on track but things are so different now. It has gotten so quiet without Quincy's whining and singing when he wanted to eat or go potty and without his intensely wagging tail that would knock down everything around.

I miss you terribly, puppy. I hope you have lots of unlocked fridges to empty where you are right now, and I am very sorry for not taking better care of you when you were so sick. We had no idea you were suffering quietly.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hosiery in Vogue Magazine - Stock up Stockings!

Every time I get a new issue of Vogue, I start looking for photos with knit/crochet clothing and hosiery. Both are very rare I must say. The last issue, though, has surprised me with multiple photos with hosiery. Yes! Finally, this piece of clothing is given the place it deserves and doesn't have to be appreciated by Eastern European women only.
I've also noticed new hosiery companies popping up in the US and other countries. That should tell you something, too.
These are photos featuring vintage 1940's style. Very artistic and beautiful.

Take a note, vintage style lovers. Your outfit will not be complete without a pair of silky stockings. Bare legs weren't so popular back then.

I am very tempted to buy a pair of white pumps to wear with black tights now. I absolutely adore the last look.

What are your thoughts? If you disliked hosiery before, are you starting to change your mind? I hope so, because you may HAVE to get a pair of tights or two to stay fashionable this season. If that's your thing.