Sunday, April 22, 2012

And yet another look with suspender tights

There is no doubt, there are tons of outfits/looks with mock suspender tights on the internet. And surprisingly, these tights are not getting any less popular. They seem to make a huge statement and you don't really need to wear anything special with them. Most fashionistas wear them with a mini skirt or shorts to show those mock suspender straps. These tights are a bit too much for my age, so I tried to make the outfit classy but cheeky at the same time.
I wore one size smaller (which I strongly discourage you from doing as they turned into over-the-knee sock look tights later and were overstretched) and I was expecting them to rip at any time, but it did not happen. Whew. Why I wore one size smaller? Because that's the only spare pair I had laying around that wasn't sent to a customer due to a minor snag in the sheer part. The trick with these tights is to not pull, especially in the sheer part. Pulling your tights/pantyhose is a SURE way to making a run. Believe me. The right way is to gently stretch them starting from the very toe and up.
Anyway, here is what I wore on a chilly April Saturday (with Carisma mock suspender tights).

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