Wednesday, June 18, 2014

First Strawberry

Right after we moved to our house, my mother-in-law brought us 3 pots of strawberry plants. We were in the middle of ripping out the 1970s carpet to refinish the hardwood floors and unpacking, and gardening was the least thing I wanted to do. Being forced to was probably a good thing because I'd never think of planting strawberries in the backyard that hasn't been touched for 30 years (apart from mowing).
This spring, I found clusters of strawberries hiding under big leaves. Apparently, strawberries are low maintenance because all I did was stick the plants in the ground. A couple of days ago, we harvested our first strawberry, followed by two more in the next two days. A strawberry a day! What a treat to pick your own berries...

I love tomatoes more than strawberries, so I started 3 varieties from seeds in February. I babied them and now they turned into huge bushy plants. There are 3 tomatoes already and I keep checking them every morning. More on that in the next posts.

What would have thought I'd be posting about gardening. Owning a house changes your priorities and interests. Yup, there will posts on house renovations and we are not going to have any lack of them in the next 10 years.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Shoes. Nude Shoes.

Well, as the title intends, this is a chaotic blog, so there. Life has been busy. Lots of things changed since my last post. We purchased a 1928 house that needs a lot of work, and that has been quite distracting. I switched from fashion to house renovating/decorating and it is as challenging as picking a new outfit.

I have no lack of nude/white/beige shoes, and yet I still reach for them when shopping for new shoes. I can't help it. I have a black shoe aversion and have troubles wearing them. No problem with wearing nude shoes all year around, but summer is the best time for them.

You can see 6 pairs here but that's not all of them. I have a few more... Not enough, though.

Sometimes, I just enjoy looking at my shoes (and photographing them)...
The shoes above are Seychelles that I snapped at a ridiculous price at the local DSW. They are super cute with their vintage pattern fabric and orange heels.

And these are flats from Urban Outfitters that are very comfortable and make your legs look looong. I was very tempted to get another pair but got greedy. I'm thinking of trying them with a ribbon around ankles.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fiore Milla Suspender Tights Review

Well, considering how popular these suspender tights are, I was surprised to not find a single review for them. So, if you are considering buying a pair of these tights, I hope this review will be helpful.

The tights are made in Poland (which about to beat Italy in the number of hosiery manufacturers). The packet includes a basic description, fabric content, washing instructions (hand-wash only!) and a metric size chart. These tights are made in 3 sizes only, 2, 3 and 4. When buying hosiery from Europe, it is always best to pick your size according to the chart - there is no extra stretch in them, they are made to fit like a glove without sagging, wrinkling and any of that annoying stuff.

Guess what? The tights have a sheer to waist top so you can wear them with super short shorts. The sheer part transitions to the opaque and thicker part creating that mock suspender look.

There is a Fiore logo below the waistband. Fancy! And yes, I'm wearing gloves. Saves me money and frustration. Never handle your sheer hosiery without gloves (unless you have lots of spare money or don't care about snags and runs).

OK, I'm done with the technical part; now time to pose.

I did have horrible lighting, so details are kind of in the fog...

So, overall, the quality of tights is great. Especially considering the price. The only thing that I would also like to mention is that the opaque part tends to slowly go down as I walk and sit, so it looks more like over-the-knee sock look rather than stockings. You may need to readjust/stretch them up very carefully but, please, don't ever pull them by the sheer part! Start from the very bottom (foot) and evenly stretch up. Everyone's legs and body are different, so the tights may behave better for you. Carry a pair of cotton gloves with you for readjusting. It may sound like a lot of work but believe me - better spend a second putting gloves on than cry over a ruined pair of tights.
Where to buy these mock suspender tights you may ask? Well, that depends on where you live. If you live in the US, the lowest price I've seen so far is here. There is also ebay but they ship from Europe and after converting from Euros or British pounds, you will end up paying about the same price, but you will have to wait for your tights for a couple of weeks.
Hope this helps!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Craving Houndstooth Pattern

I've been craving houndstooth pattern for a while now, and I think it I now like it best in brown colors. Tommy Hilfiger's Fall 2012 ad campaign set me off, and I went hunting for those perfect patterns and textures in my wardrobe.

Well, I dug out my tartan shorts in black and orange and wanted to wear them with houndstooth tights but Z started arguing that I shouldn't mix patterns. I shouldn't have listened but his opinion matters...
I liked the result but it turned out somewhat boring because of the lack of patterns. I must admit, though, I'm terrible with any sort of pattern, and I prefer sticking to solid colors. I'm just afraid of loud patterns.
I must warn you - I tend to abuse brown colors in Fall. I have way too much brown in my closet but it does make it easier to mix and match.
The sun was just setting and extremely bright, so the colors turned out too bright in the first few pictures. Some day, I'll figure out this photography science.

Trying to settle on a rock - not an easy task in heels...

Alright, have I convinced you to get these houndstooth tights yet? They have a self-explanatory name (United Kingdom tights) and are also available in black & white.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Picnic in the Park

I had this outfit in my mind for a very long time and thought it would be an easy one and would look sort of village-girl style. Once I started dressing up, it felt like I was getting ready for a wedding. As a bride. Everything was off-white or ivory and these lacy socks only added up to the feeling. Then I curled my hair, and yep, the feeling got even worse. I think the hat and the picnic basket helped a little to get rid of that feeling.
Z took lots of pictures. LOTS. First, I thought there weren't that many I liked but then I got carried away...
The focus of the shoot: Sethunya lacy over-the-knee socks by Trasparenze. Obviously. You will see a lot of them. The rest was just to mix up a little. But aren't these socks lovely? Love the pattern and the ribbons.

Quill is munching on the grass while I'm trying hard to prevent my heels from sinking in the dirt...

It's much nicer to be standing on a solid surface...

Sit tight, there are a lot more pictures of these socks coming...

Whew, I'll have to stop here.
The socks can be purchased here.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Getting Ready for Fall

I've been very lucky with my recent makeup purchases. I fell in love with almost all of them (except for Cover Girl mascara I mentioned earlier). And best of all - they weren't too expensive.
One of these purchases was Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro nail polish in Burgundy Flirt. It was love at first application. Gorgeous color, exceptional brush, and easy application. Rimmel states it will last up to 10 days, but that's impossible with the amount of time I spend typing (I tend to type with the tips of my nails). It lasted very well for 4 days and then started chipping. Not a problem for me. I get bored of the same color too fast and don't like the idea of having a polish on my nails for too long (they need to "breathe" every now and then).

I may have to make another trip to CVS to grab another color of this Rimmel nail polish. It's sooo pretty.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Friday Dinner at Zingerman's

If you ever visit Ann Arbor, you must go to Zingerman's for their famous sandwiches. They are soooo good.
We don't go there often as they are quite expensive, but it is a wonderful rare treat. Quill-pup also enjoys going there as he gets a piece or two of the delicious crusty bread.

Post-dinner walks are a tradition, and even better when they are in a nice park...
Happy weekend!