Friday, October 12, 2012

Craving Houndstooth Pattern

I've been craving houndstooth pattern for a while now, and I think it I now like it best in brown colors. Tommy Hilfiger's Fall 2012 ad campaign set me off, and I went hunting for those perfect patterns and textures in my wardrobe.

Well, I dug out my tartan shorts in black and orange and wanted to wear them with houndstooth tights but Z started arguing that I shouldn't mix patterns. I shouldn't have listened but his opinion matters...
I liked the result but it turned out somewhat boring because of the lack of patterns. I must admit, though, I'm terrible with any sort of pattern, and I prefer sticking to solid colors. I'm just afraid of loud patterns.
I must warn you - I tend to abuse brown colors in Fall. I have way too much brown in my closet but it does make it easier to mix and match.
The sun was just setting and extremely bright, so the colors turned out too bright in the first few pictures. Some day, I'll figure out this photography science.

Trying to settle on a rock - not an easy task in heels...

Alright, have I convinced you to get these houndstooth tights yet? They have a self-explanatory name (United Kingdom tights) and are also available in black & white.