Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fiore Milla Suspender Tights Review

Well, considering how popular these suspender tights are, I was surprised to not find a single review for them. So, if you are considering buying a pair of these tights, I hope this review will be helpful.

The tights are made in Poland (which about to beat Italy in the number of hosiery manufacturers). The packet includes a basic description, fabric content, washing instructions (hand-wash only!) and a metric size chart. These tights are made in 3 sizes only, 2, 3 and 4. When buying hosiery from Europe, it is always best to pick your size according to the chart - there is no extra stretch in them, they are made to fit like a glove without sagging, wrinkling and any of that annoying stuff.

Guess what? The tights have a sheer to waist top so you can wear them with super short shorts. The sheer part transitions to the opaque and thicker part creating that mock suspender look.

There is a Fiore logo below the waistband. Fancy! And yes, I'm wearing gloves. Saves me money and frustration. Never handle your sheer hosiery without gloves (unless you have lots of spare money or don't care about snags and runs).

OK, I'm done with the technical part; now time to pose.

I did have horrible lighting, so details are kind of in the fog...

So, overall, the quality of tights is great. Especially considering the price. The only thing that I would also like to mention is that the opaque part tends to slowly go down as I walk and sit, so it looks more like over-the-knee sock look rather than stockings. You may need to readjust/stretch them up very carefully but, please, don't ever pull them by the sheer part! Start from the very bottom (foot) and evenly stretch up. Everyone's legs and body are different, so the tights may behave better for you. Carry a pair of cotton gloves with you for readjusting. It may sound like a lot of work but believe me - better spend a second putting gloves on than cry over a ruined pair of tights.
Where to buy these mock suspender tights you may ask? Well, that depends on where you live. If you live in the US, the lowest price I've seen so far is here. There is also ebay but they ship from Europe and after converting from Euros or British pounds, you will end up paying about the same price, but you will have to wait for your tights for a couple of weeks.
Hope this helps!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Craving Houndstooth Pattern

I've been craving houndstooth pattern for a while now, and I think it I now like it best in brown colors. Tommy Hilfiger's Fall 2012 ad campaign set me off, and I went hunting for those perfect patterns and textures in my wardrobe.

Well, I dug out my tartan shorts in black and orange and wanted to wear them with houndstooth tights but Z started arguing that I shouldn't mix patterns. I shouldn't have listened but his opinion matters...
I liked the result but it turned out somewhat boring because of the lack of patterns. I must admit, though, I'm terrible with any sort of pattern, and I prefer sticking to solid colors. I'm just afraid of loud patterns.
I must warn you - I tend to abuse brown colors in Fall. I have way too much brown in my closet but it does make it easier to mix and match.
The sun was just setting and extremely bright, so the colors turned out too bright in the first few pictures. Some day, I'll figure out this photography science.

Trying to settle on a rock - not an easy task in heels...

Alright, have I convinced you to get these houndstooth tights yet? They have a self-explanatory name (United Kingdom tights) and are also available in black & white.