Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Color Junky - Teal, Yellow, Green

I am so obsessed with bright colors. I enjoy just staring at them. I'd expect myself to be wearing them as well but it is a more rare thing. I went crazy buying mineral eye shadows a couple of years ago from a company that was shutting down. The She Space. I grabbed a lot of colors but later realized that they mostly were in the same color families - teal, green, yellow, orange, purple... Peacock colors. Unfortunately, I barely wore them after I bought them. Every now and then, I take them out of the bags where I have them sorted by these color families and just stare at that magic glitter that sparkles in many different colors.
I recently tried to find out if that company was still online, but it seems to have completely disappeared. Pity, the eye shadows are quite amazing and very finely milled. If you know if the owner has another website now, please let me know.

I love how there is even bokeh from sparkles in the picture below!

The brown below is amazing. It has teal, pink, and yellow sparkles in it.

I was taking pictures of the pantyhose color by the window for our store today (peacock color; hoping that someone else is as obsessed as I am). I looked at the pictures later and realized that the plates and napkins under the pantyhose are... well, you see yourself. This was not arranged; it is a coincidence that they all happened to be together. Plates are custom-made for me by my mother-in-law. See how obsessed I am? :)

But then, when you look at this least colorful love of my life, maybe things aren't that bad...

(Quill licking frozen baby food. Yummy snack for a hot day.)

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