Friday, July 8, 2011

Shorts again, but with fishnets this time.

I have awfully pale legs, and they should not be shown uncovered. And I love the shorts. And it is 95 F outside. What to do? Wear fishnets! I finally had guts to try the ones with large holes, and I must say, I was not disappointed. They added just enough color and kept my skin breathing. I could barely feel them.
And the Steve Madden Reede pumps to complete the look. Fishnets need heels. :-P
Now, am I going to receive comments on wearing open-toe shoes with pantyhose? Fire away. :)

The idea with the mens tie as a belt came from the recent PHARD catwalk. I absolutely loved the look.
Z wasn't happy about me abusing his ties and complaining about the lack of a good color selection, but oh well.

Do you think this will become a trend? I don't know but I will surely be wearing ties as belts from now on.
(Shorts worn with Trasparenze Lola Fishnets)

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